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WIAW: A High-Carb, Low-Fat Raw Vegan Day of Eats

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Happy Wednesday! This week’s What I Ate Wednesday will show a day in the life of the 80/10/10 diet, based on Dr. Douglas Graham’s book. Thanks to Jen for hosting!


As I’ve explained before, Graham believes we should get 80% of our calories from carbs found in fruit, 10% of our calories from protein found in leafy greens, and 10% from fat (preferably avocados or coconut, but some folks eat nuts or oils in moderation). His theory is that we shouldn’t eat anything we wouldn’t eat in nature’s original state, and believes that people who worry about the sugar from fruit are misguided—according to Graham, it’s not the sugar that makes people suffer with weight and blood sugar issues, it’s the fat.

There are countless stories of people who have succeeded on this lifestyle–also called the “Low-Fat Raw Vegan” diet or “High-Carb Raw Vegan.” It’s kind of hard not to…

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Thinking of New Adventures in 2015 ?


With the New Year upon us, we’re meeting many people looking for a change in their lives. One option folks are exploring is the Motor Home lifestyle.  Last week, we took delivery for one of our clients of a 1995 RoadTrek 190 Camper van, much like ours, complete with bed,shower,fridge,stove….all the comforts of home. Let us know if we can help you explore new ways to live.


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